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247 Agency

The idea of ​​their showrooms was always to do good networking bet...
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The idea of ​​their showrooms was always to do good networking between brands and international buyers who approach 247 each season. They wanted to change the rules of the game in the fashion industry, and boy did they achieve it. In a short time, these guys became one of the greats in the fashion world.

Its base in Milan is at La Pelota, a former squash venue that is now part of the bustling Brera arts district. They have a 2,000 square meter exhibition area that they just renovated, but they kept the lighting system that Marc Newson designed in the 90s. These guys know how to do business with style.

They are like the rockstars of distribution, taking Foamers all over the world.

Italian Distributors are constantly on the move, bringing the comfort and style of Foamers to cities around the world. No matter where you are, these guys are nearby to ensure you have your Foamers on hand.

What sets these distributors apart is their attitude. Each pair of Foamers is a testament to the quality and attention to detail that only the Italians can offer. It's like having a Ferrari at your feet!

They are not just distributors, they are visionaries. They are leading a revolution in the way footwear is distributed, using the latest technology to make sure you have your Foamers faster than a rock song.